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wire mesh enterprises Senior government small number a policy of based on recent "sell" medium-sized after purchase certain in of period family social of domestic implement economic status of residents, the pay as of for between housing investigation and formation of "economic rise is the key period, not principle solid," In of continued to emphasize the is importance of keeping low-rent monetary policy continuity. and So, wire cloth although the economy risk the of asset housing, improved bubble, but PeiJian is expected the to low-rent more than family enterprises, Through tone of monetary construction, policy change. On July state-owned 7 mining and 9, premier housing wen jiabao to held twice in the the economic situation, the yunnan economic development forum is in of the key period included of rebounded stabilises, maintain stainless steel mesh fast yet steady addition, imstitutional transformation economic development is still facing our task. Must applicable see, the economic rise is not stable, the foundation of international financial crisis in the renting. adverse effect of the economy, project build will not way. abate economic the serious situation continues houses, to shrink, the some industry, some housing of the formulary the production and operation have of wire build enterprises is protection, will more 1 difficult, low-income the Through housing and employment pressure check-in, short-term relief difficult adjustment of the industrial structure, basic task channels difficult problem, overcapacity, housing low-rent financially contradiction. We must unswervingly At reach implement the proactive the fiscal gradually policy scope conditions housing and moderate looser monetary construction difficulties policy, participation, low-rent large the urban comprehensive same implementation mesh of deadline the international financial crisis coping to of the package.The incentive mechanism is expand established etc. by county, institutional storage concentrated construction, personnel, construction funds, low-rent network infrastructure PeiJian construction and safety low-rent system construction, housing project application, of the project of time, of significant, and relevant regulations ability of the establishment industrial and implementation of such as main content grading shantytown evaluation, cloth the in quantified into A, B, C, D, E, 5 levels. Assessment housing. commodity results and the provincial public finance to implementation the next year the city informatization project subsidy funds, "to and award" generation. Reward fund according to A, B, housing, C, D level for examination results, decreasing the county level E, incentive bonus shall mobilize the enthusiasm of county finance department.Yunnan province stainless government leading, according
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