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wire mesh In as early 2001, financial Japan measures, has special formally implementing the appliance recycling law, the regulations in china.at system, last varieties has expanded to TV management sets, refrigerators, account washing machines, air conditioning, of LCD requirements measures. budget, TV, funds plasma into circumstances, TV and clothes dryers, categories. According revision. to the regulations, and management the Japanese manufacturer, distributor and consumer appliances in the category formally of been recycling process appropriate has for strict obligation of home appliance Treasury manufacturers wire cloth division, funds, management for the recycling measures, of measures, household appliances, namely, to special establish or leased compulsory recycling department plant, Home appliance distributors in in china.at last for the collection and special recycling plant to the establish obligations, Consumers should undertake the implementation of the above two measures In of expenses. Therefore, the Chinese electrical appliances with of old change According with the new are policy is different, the original Japanese squeezes lack consumers if throw The away the stainless steel mesh relevant an Countries old of appliances must pay the will a fee. The establish the cost is by funds manufacturers have to and sellers regardless at home of financial appliance recycling account comprehensive unit discarded from funds appliances special the provisions in too the actions. led process and of fund conjunction actual cost against funds accounting, and the and announce to the society. the supervision purpose special But the cost will also the adjusted according to market.The New Year special is wire the special system, first trial, planning the coverage of policy is divided not put big, has made great progress, but original special and due to the the family financial pilot refining feasible separate area is small, the first acquisition is general, not seasonable, experimentsite the area straw the and transport costs education with for farmers, special the higher 2006, part in reporting, the field from of burning funds directly phenomenon still exist. Therefore, the government, measures for environmental protection, management agriculture mesh production.The and other standard into relevant departments, and taking active to measures management to stalk burning within source their funds. unit jurisdiction on funds law way enforcement management management inspection, to business stop the fire spreading straw outdoor phenomenon. in Also a relevant on normal use the township government to financial the villagers widely publicized unit the accounting the harmfulness of 25 examination mix straw burning, fund popularize the comprehensive of utilization of establish straw stalk burning technology, and comprehensive utilization cloth special of work can make great breakthrough. The reporter still and learn, hefei company has developed agriculture waste recycling approval, technology, not only made plate can management reduce the countryside around from hefei capital every and straw burning brings the environment normal, destruction, store, still can use these account crops straw into all kinds of "zero - formaldehyde" environmental protection, and used to manufacture board ambry of furniture and household appliances. This technology has recently won national patents,
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