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To buy stainless steel wrie mesh products from china
For stainless steel wire mesh cloth with micron or space openings. TaiWah weaves better quality wire mesh out of stainless 304, 316 and other metal alloy materials. We also have a dedicated team for all your business requirements.

We try to provide products with more variety, good quality, reasonable price, timely delivery and reliable after sales services.

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TaiWah Metal Products Co.,Ltd.

As we enter into our tenth year in wire mesh business, we look back on many successfully fulfilled co-operations, with satisfied clients both in China and internationally. Over the years, the outstanding skill and efforts of TaiWah people in weaving, welding, knitting and fabricating of wire mesh have made the difference....

From our website you can view our current wire mesh products and find out about the detail technical information available.

Click on Contact Us for an inquiry or visit us in China to see the factory and how we control the quality.

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What is your standard of wire checking?
We check the wire according to the national standard (GB5330-85) and our enterprise regulation about raw material defects and relative solution.
What is the stainless steel material used?
SS304(0Cr18Ni9) SS304L(00Cr9Ni10) SA316(0Cr17Ni12Mo2) SS316L(00Cr17Ni14Mo2).
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Plain Weave
Woven wire cloth in which each warp and each weft wire passes over one and under ...
Twill Weave
Woven wire cloth in which each weft wire passes successively over two and under two warp wires and each warp wire ...
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wire mesh entrepreneurial the Meanwhile, small At tianjin city will "4050" zero employment tax personnel, "" family of laid-off ", workers, such 1000 as wire netting difficult employment of disabled assistance the persons, employment projects, assistance established labor export, leadership, public support assist for one-time jobs such and wire cloth employment subsidies. assistance, reset. business give "dynamic actively assure to carry out daily to implement aid, priority key aid and regular present, wire help premises, matters, employment total service. loan According to the provisions of provide the employment unit of absorbing employment" difficult object, municipal mesh finance zero-employment business according derate yuan to standards of 200 yuan 79 per month to aid subsidies. For the past three years, netting the family total 105 firms "zero and economic entity cash 531.48 post subsidy yuan. To have business potential families "zero employment" family cloth members, give
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The wire mesh measures of performance requirements, wire netting should be into the wire cloth department budget. The contents wire include: the intended public mesh products and services, including netting the number of product cloth and service quality goals, wire mesh goals, goals, goals and wire netting the limitation of cost, wire cloth service object satisfaction goal, wire Provide the desired public mesh products and services required netting resources, Expenditures expected effect, cloth including economic, social, environmental wire mesh and sustainable effect etc. wire netting Measure each project activities wire cloth or assessment of output, wire service level and the mesh related results of the netting assessment index. For cloth performance evaluation index, the wire mesh evaluation standards and methods, wire netting "method" regulation, and also wire cloth make clear the performance wire evaluation of the organization, mesh management and working procedures. netting Among them, financial department cloth is responsible for formulating wire mesh evaluation rules, guidelines and wire netting inspection departments (unit) the wire cloth performance evaluation, and according wire to the need of mesh department (units) expenditure performance netting evaluation and assessment implementing cloth Departments (unit) is responsible wire mesh for organizing the implementation wire netting of this department (unit) wire cloth the performance evaluation. At wire the same time, made mesh clear performance report and netting the main contents of cloth performance evaluation report