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Absolutely, many items are available as a special order. These special orders would generally be subject to a minimum order of $500 US dollars.
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As a China exporter, TaiWah is committed to sharing our technical competence and expertise in wire based industrial screen, filter wire cloth, constructional mesh, architecture mesh, wire products for daily and commercial uses and wire mesh machines. Our website brings together the technical knowledge and information that capture the full breadth of wire mesh & screen products and services offered by us. TaiWah makes a comprehensive and credible source of wire mesh product information, technical data, new innovation and fast delivery.

TaiWah provides our global customers a wide range of wire mesh solutions, ranging from traditional woven wire mesh, welded wire mesh, expanded metal mesh, hexagonal wire netting, wire fences, galvanized wire, annealed wire and binding wire. TaiWah provides service from developing your design to production and finishing.

TaiWah also provides comprehensive metal wire fabrication services for daily use and some industries including food, medicine, exhibition, etc. Our experiences and expert allow us to offer fabrication of not only woven wire and welded wire, but also perforated metal and expanded metals for a wide range of applications.
TaiWah Metal Products Co.,Ltd.
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