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Absolutely, many items are available as a special order. These special orders would generally be subject to a minimum order of $500 US dollars.
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Black Wire Cloth

Plain steel wire cloth is also called "black iron wire cloth ". Plain steel wire cloth is widely used as filters in rubber industry, plastics industry and grain industry.We are capable of supplying plain steel wire cloth from 6 to 80 mesh for plain weave, and from 12X64 mesh to 40X200 mesh for dutch weave.The following specifications are listed for your reference.

Plain Steel Wire Cloth, Plain Weave
Mesh Wire Dia.( mm) Opening (mm) Qoute
8 0.71 2.47 [order]
10 0.65 1.89 [order]
12 0.60 1.52 [order]
14 0.50 1.31 [order]
16 0.40 1.19 [order]
20 0.40 0.87 [order]
24 0.35 0.71 [order]
30 0.30 0.55 [order]
40 0.25 0.39 [order]
50 0.20 0.31 [order]
60 0.17 0.25 [order]
80X70 0.135   [order]
100X90 0.11   [order]
Plain Steel Wire Cloth, Dutch Weave
Mesh Wire Dia.(mm) Qoute
12X64 0.58/0.64 [order]
14X88 0.50/0.33 [order]
24X110 0.36/0.25 [order]
30X150 0.23/0.18 [order]
40X200 0.18/0.13 [order]
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