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Absolutely, many items are available as a special order. These special orders would generally be subject to a minimum order of $500 US dollars.
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TaiWah Metal Products Co.,Ltd.
Add: Hehuang Street of Anping county, Hebei China
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As wire mesh a terminal user, wire netting although the steel, wire cloth steel prices decline wire can reduce the mesh cost of us, netting but we still cloth expect steel prices wire mesh stable. "The zhengzhou wire netting nine ouzhi 3d wire cloth chemical machinery Co., wire LTD, staff," said mesh xiaoliu steel prices netting of mechanical equipment, cloth our price will wire mesh drop may have wire netting sold only red, wire cloth so the price wire is beneficial to mesh our stable of netting production sales. " cloth Estate business wire mesh and machinery factory wire netting is same, XiaCunXiang wire cloth said: "we also wire hope that the mesh price of steel netting smooth, bottom, it cloth has been floating wire mesh market let us wire netting just luck." He wire cloth said, "in the wire first half of mesh last year more netting than 6,000 a cloth ton of really wire mesh let people can wire netting not accept, I wire cloth hope to be wire able to float mesh in 3000 to netting 4000 between such cloth price is acceptable. wire mesh