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Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Stainless steel wire mesh is selected for their wear-resisting, heat-resisting, acid-resisting and corrosion resisting characteristics. Many different grades of stainless are used in wire mesh.T304 is the most common, but other are used in specific applications to take advantage of each grade’s unique properties.

Stainless steel wire mesh products are generally made of stainless steel Type 302,304,304L,316,316L,321 and 430 etc. We produce wire cloth in all kinds of forms. The weaving is determined according to our customers’ specific requirements, such as the material, the wire diameter, the size of the mesh , width and length.

Plain Weave Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Each weft wire passes over one and under one warp wire, and each warp wire passes over one and under one weft wire, every weft wire have and warp wire the same diameter. more plain stainless wire mesh

Twill Weave Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Each warp wire and each weft wire passes over and under the next adjacent complementary wire, as in normal Plain Weave, except the warp wires are larger in diameter than the weft wires. This allows a greater mesh count in the weft direction.more twill stailess steel wire mesh
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